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MUQAWLAT JORDAN is the first unique online platform, as it always seeks to develop itself to remain the ideal gateway for clients in the world of construction and contracting. Especially as it has been attractively designed to meet the desires of all contractors, developers, building materials merchants as well as construction and contracting world. Furthermore, MUQAWLAT JORDAN provides a special environment for contractors to contract projects and partnerships with others in a friendly environment free of work pressure.

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MUQAWLAT JORDAN always proud of work staff who working hard to embrace a broad spectrum of solutions to help our clients enjoy peace of mind through specialized site settings, easy web service, and first-rate services. Seeking to make a distinctive leap in the world of construction and contracting, and to meet contractors’ needs in all disciplines, and to meet the needs of clients in various specializations. MUQAWLAT JORDAN launched many unique services and advantages, the most important of which are

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