In Need of a program that makes all work easy and uncomplicated?

In Muqawlat Jordan, everything in the business world is at your service. We know how challenging is leading a team, running a company, and maintaining the cash flow with a precise financial management. That is exactly why we present: Odoo; the fixer, the game-changer, and the master. Get it now at affordable prices and Breathe a Sigh of Relief!

We, at Muqawlat Jordan Platform, proffer you a suitable price for Odoo with an offer that includes free registration in Muqawlat Jordan that will not only preserve your time, effort, and money but also wow you with astonishing results!

Odoo program includes:

  1. Accounting
  2. Billing
  3. Sales
  4. Inventory
  5. Purchases
  6. Expenses
  7. Human resources
  8. Virtual Private Server VPS from ionos 1&1 "840$"
  9. Implementation Services - Standard "2250$"
  10. Implementation Services - Customized workflow "6000$"

 Order the service now, and get a discount of 50%

We have a free version "Standard edition"  with $1100 after the discount

As we work together, we will keep you in the loop and update you on regular basis. The monitoring and guidance of the staff are going to be our mission to complete the work professionally.

If you are willing to try the Odoo Program with Muqawlat Jordan, kindly contact us via:

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