Traffic diversions on the desert road

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing announced, on Monday, the preparation of a number of traffic diversions on the desert road.

The Ministry has started work on preparing the necessary traffic diversions, on the parts it intends to work on within its plan and priorities, by completing the implementation of the remaining most affected parts of the desert road; In order to start work on the rehabilitation project for the most affected parts that have been identified.

The ministry said in a press statement issued by its media unit, that it will start preparing the transfers to the two work areas to be the first area extending from Al-Hamima towards Dibbat Hanout within the existing lanes of the road after its expansion and separation with concrete barriers to serve the two directions, furnishing and equipping it with all signs and warning and guiding signals to be working on the existing lanes in the direction the other and consider it a work area and start the reconstruction work for the other lane.

She added that the second work area will be from Debat Al-Hanot towards Al-Marigha, and it includes the Ras Al-Naqab area, and the traffic diversion for this area will be an external diversion within the old Negev-Abu Al-Lusn road after it is equipped, furnished and reinforced with all safety elements.

The ministry stressed that traffic diversions will be reinforced with all elements of public safety and necessary warning signs.

She stressed that the rehabilitation work will begin immediately after all transfers have been processed and secured by public safety means.

The ministry noted that the rehabilitation of the worst part of the asphalt mixture surface of the desert road will begin, from descending the Negev to Al-Humayma.

She pointed out that the work on the project to complete the rehabilitation of the road was divided into two bids. The first bid is for the area between Al-Maraigha, passing through the descent of the Negev and reaching Dibbat Al Hanout, and the second bid for the area between Dibbat Al Hanout and Al Humayma; To ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the road and to complete the work as quickly as possible.

It is noteworthy that the reconstruction work includes removing the existing asphalt layers and paving layers down to the foundation layers and implementing the foundation and paving layers, including two layers of mattresses and three layers of asphalt mixture with a thickness of 21 cm, according to the studies that were carried out for these layers.

The work also includes the expansion of the existing lanes to become three lanes and one shoulder for those coming from Aqaba towards Amman and two lanes and one shoulder for the traffic coming from Amman towards Aqaba with a cross section similar to what was implemented in the project to reconstruct the desert road, which was completed with a length of 217 km from the airport bridge to Al Mareigha. The work also includes furnishing the road with elements of public safety.

It is noteworthy that the work on a rehabilitation project is expected to be completed within about 210 days from the date of commencement of implementation of the reconstruction work.

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