Your Gateway to the World of Construction

MUQAWLAT is the first online platform of its kind in the region.

MUQAWLAT, which means contracting, is professionally designed for all contracting, construction, developers, building materials, and every related company involved in the construction and contracting industry.

MUQAWLAT is the answer to the daily needs and pressing necessity for contractors of all specialties. It is the right place to land your business profile, display products/services, exchange businesses, and outsourcing surplus resources and equipment.  

It is the front door for haunting opportunities, allocating resources from the local market instead of taking the hard mission of recruiting from abroad. All that is said and more are completed via a single click.

The foremost feature of the MUQAWLAT website is the “Elite Contractors’ Club” where you can networking, forming joint ventures, alliances, and partnerships in a friendly environment. Leave work stress behind and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with other welcoming colleagues. 

With the sky-high demands to reduce costs and pressures in this dynamic and complex business environment, MUQAWLAT provides implausible online services and solutions in the world of contracting.

  • Muqawlat is an eye-catching website to ease running fast & efficient projects.
  • Includes all specialties in one place to constitute the daily need platform.
  • Offers new marketing and branding cost-effective solutions. It provides interactive pages by posting news, activities, and advertisements.
  • Runs a Bazar for trading services and products; working as a market place.
  • Facilitates, for the first time, heavy, medium and mini equipment rental on just a click.
  • Enables for the first time a unique online service to outsource resources.
  • Hosts a biweekly gathering for the contractors’ club members to networking, partnership, alliances, and exchanging mutual businesses.
  • Offers free and paid ads besides free browsing of all available ads.
  • Credibility is our standard.

Our Vision
Being the leading contracting online platform in the region for businesses in the realm of contracting & construction industry.

Our Mission
We work resourcefully to build a unique platform where contractors can exchange services and businesses in a comfortable and trusted environment, reducing time, costs, and efforts.

We embrace a broad spectrum of solutions to help our clients enjoy peace of mind through specialized site settings, easy web service, and first-rate services.